Media for "The Final Scene" Hamlet Activity

To complement the film, WNET.ORG, in partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), is offering a Teachers’ Guide for educators to utilize the PBS broadcast in classrooms around the country. This activity-based analysis of the play is supported by links to various scenes throughout the film.

You will find the following at this site: Teachersu2019 Guide Media for the u201cOpening Sceneu201d Activity Media for the u201cPoloniusu2019 Familyu201d Activity Media for u201cThe Role of the Playersu201d Activity Media for u201cThe Role of Osricu201d Activity Media for u201cThe Final Sceneu201d Activity

Standards & Objectives

Academic standards
CLE 3005.7.2
Examine the agreements and conflicts between the visual (e.g., media images, painting, film, graphic arts) and the verbal.
CLE 3005.8.4
Analyze works of British literature for what is suggested about the historical period in which they were written.
CLE 3005.8.5
Know and use appropriate literary terms to derive meaning and comprehension from various literary genres.
GLE 0701.2.4
Analyze the organizational structure of a speech.
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