Donna Gibson

Bradford High School
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 Item titleGrade rangeContent area
A Creative Twist to The Tragedy of Macbeth  Grades 7 - 12ELA / Literacy1
All About Adult Literacy--Video & Multimedia  Grades 4 - 12ELA / Literacy1
And Then There Were None: Casting the Characters  Grades 7 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Concepts of Comprehension Lesson Plans  Grades K - 6ELA / Literacy1
Dissecting Martin Luther King's Dream  Grades 9 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Distinguish Between Fact and Opinion  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Drawing Inferences  Grade 12ELA / Literacy1
Expository Text Structure  Grades 9 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Figurative Language & Poetic Devices  Grade 8ELA / Literacy1
From "Twelve Angry Men" to Media Literacy  Grades 4 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Identifying Logical Fallacies and Flawed Conclusions  Grade 12ELA / Literacy1
Inductive And Deductive: Monty Hall Ppt Presentation  Grades 9 - 12Mathematics1
Just like Brian Wilson did: Using allusion to teach imagery & theme  Grades 9 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Logical Fallacies: Sources and Resources  Grade 12ELA / Literacy1
Media for "The Final Scene" Hamlet Activity  Grades 7 - 12ELA / Literacy1
ORAL PRESENTATION Skills--A Practical Guide  Grade 12ELA / Literacy1
Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper  Grade 12ELA / Literacy1
Quizlet  Grade 12ELA / Literacy1
Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing  Grades K - 12Multiple1
Reading Worksheets  Grade 8ELA / Literacy1
Research Paper Rubric  Grade 12ELA / Literacy1
Rhetorical Modes  Grade 12ELA / Literacy1
Scarlet Ibis Student Packet  Grades 9 - 10ELA / Literacy1
Seven Types of Paragraph Development  Grades K - 12Multiple1
Teaching the Prologue to The Canterbury Tales  Grades 9 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Teaching Zack to Think  Grades 4 - 12ELA / Literacy1
Team Work  Grade 12Multiple1
Usage Lesson  Grade 12ELA / Literacy1
Writing a Persuasive Essay  Grades 7 - 12ELA / Literacy1