Concepts of Comprehension Lesson Plans

The ReadWorks curriculum is based on the work of widely accepted research studies and lead experts in the field of reading instruction. This site contains Read Work Widget K-6 lessons for each essential concept of comprehension including author's purpose, cause and effect, character, classify and categoring, compare and contrast, drawing conclusions, explicit information, fact and opinion, figurative language, genre, main idea, plot, predicting, pronoun reference, sequence, setting, theme, vocabulary in context, and voice.

One will find more than 500 informational reading passages and three lessons at each grade level for each of the essential concepts.

An excellent site for teaching concepts of comprehension.

Standards & Objectives

Academic standards
GLE 0001.8.4
Identify basic literary elements.
GLE 0101.8.4
Identify basic literary elements.
GLE 0201.8.2
Employ a variety of basic reading comprehension strategies.
GLE 0201.8.4
Identify basic literary elements.
GLE 0301.8.3
Learn basic characteristics of literary genres.
GLE 0301.8.4
Explore basic literary terms (e.g., setting, point of view, simile, metaphor, rhythm).
GLE 0401.8.3
Know and understand the basic characteristics of the genres studied.
GLE 0501.8.3
Understand the basic characteristics of the genres (e.g., narratives, prose, poetry, drama) studied.
GLE 0601.8.2
Understand the characteristics of various literary genres (e.g., poetry, novel, biography, short story, essay, drama).
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