Following Directions to Make a Tangram

Guided reading strategies are utilized to teach students how to effectively read informational text. Challenged to cut a tangram, students read how-to directions and demonstrate their understanding of geometric terms to complete the task successfully. The directions are written on a second grade level. However, students will need background knowledge on specialized geometry terms in order to complete this lesson.

Standards & Objectives

Academic standards
GLE 0201.6.1
Follow simple multi-step directions in a short informational text.
GLE 0701.4.2
Gather relevant information from a variety of print and electronic sources, as well as from direct observation, interviews, and surveys.
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Learning objectives: 


  • The student reads informational texts for specific purposes (including but not limited to performing a task, learning a new task, sequentially carrying out the steps of a procedure, locating information to answer a question).
  • The student knows congruent shapes.
  • The student identifies shapes that can be combined or separated (for example, a rectangle can be separated into two triangles).

Lesson Variations

Blooms taxonomy level: 
Extension suggestions: 
  • This is Lesson 8 – Could You Please Give Me Directions?; Component – Guided Reading Lessons 1 – 6 are for Day 1 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign Lessons 7 – 11 are for Day 2 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign Lessons 12 – 17 are for Day 3 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign Lessons 18 – 23 are for Day 4 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign Lessons 24 – 28 are for Day 5 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign Lessons 29 – 32 are for Day 6 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign. Lessons 33 – 38 are for Day 7 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign. 
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Helpful Hints


  • An ample supply of 6 x 6 inch squares of colored construction paper
  • Scissors for each student
  • Printed copies of the directions for cutting a tangram
  • Marker for adding Tangram to the word board
  • Envelope 
  • Print and prepare Literacy Link page to send home