Evaluation During Reading

This resource from Purdue’s OWL provides a series of questions and tips for students to consider when evaluating sources during the research process. This article from the OWL can be used as a preparatory instructional tool before beginning research or as a handout for students to access while researching. The source is not limited to researching print sources as many of the tips and questions posed could also apply to various media sources. The site also contains links to MLA and APA documentation.

Standards & Objectives

Academic standards
CLE 3002.4.3
Make distinctions about the credibility, reliability, consistency, strengths, and limitations of resources, including information gathered from websites.
CLE 3002.7.1
Evaluate the aural, visual, and written images and other special effects used in television, radio, film, and the Internet for their ability to inform, persuade,...
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Lesson Variations

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