Protein Synthesis

This lesson plan gives detailed instructions for a teacher-led student activity that begins with sequencing the parts of protein synthesis.  The students then work through the parts of protein synthesis.  A mutation is created, and students follow that mutation to the codon and amino acid.  Discussion questions about mutations are also included. Students demonstrate the process of protein synthesis step-by-step and also follow a mutation through the process.  This activity directly relates to the u201cchecku201d of using models of DNA, RNA, and amino acids to explain replication and protein synthesis.  During this activity, students apply their knowledge of how DNA codes for a sequence of amino acids, and they discuss mutations in DNA and how they may or may not affect the final protein.

Standards & Objectives

Academic standards
CLE 3002.3.2
Employ various prewriting strategies.
CLE 3210.4.1
Investigate how genetic information is encoded in nucleic acids.
CLE 3210.4.2
Describe the relationships among genes, chromosomes, proteins, and hereditary traits.
CLE 3210.4.6
Describe the connection between mutations and human genetic disorders.
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Lesson Variations

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