Hooke's Law and Springs

 An investigation of the characteristics of springs is the focus of this simulation-based online lab activity. The student controls the force constants of springs and then investigates their behavior when masses of various sizes are attached. A ruler and a stopwatch are provided for the student to use in measuring the length the string stretches as well as its period of oscillation. This online lab simulation is designed to be inherently investigative. It allows the student to collect data to determine the force constant of a spring two different ways: by using Hookeu2019s Law directly and by determining the period of oscillation. A teacheru2019s guide provides tips for using this simulation in an effective way. Several lesson plans emphasizing an inquiry approach based on this simulation are accessible through this site.

Standards & Objectives

Academic standards
CLE 3001.5.4
Analyze the logical features of an argument
CLE 3231.3.2
Investigate Hookes law.
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Lesson Variations

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