Developing Searching, Skimming, and Scanning Skills With Internet Bingo

This is an interactive lesson incorporating strategies for digital media literacy.  It involves teacher modeling, partner work, and use of technology in the classroom. *This lesson requires access to computers and the internet.  Because the Internet contains a vast amount of resources and information, students must be able to weed quickly through sites to find the information they need. This lesson develops students' skills in Internet searching, skimming, and scanning through teacher modeling, think-alouds, and think-pair-share. In this lesson, students begin with a discussion and demonstration of skimming and scanning to find information on the Internet. Through a teacher-modeled activity, students learn how to use appropriate key terms to yield a manageable number of resources. Students then divide into groups of two to complete a bingo game, and during the course of the game, students will search a website to fill in a bingo board. *A sample bingo board focusing on ancient Greece and Rome is included, but additional content area-related goals may be incorporated by changing the questions on the bingo board to match a particular topic.

Standards & Objectives

Academic standards
GLE 0501.2.4
Participate in teams for work and discussion.
GLE 0501.4.2
Collect, organize, determine reliability, and use information researched.
GLE 0501.7.1
Recognize that media can be a source of information and entertainment.
GLE 0601.6.3
Read, interpret, and analyze text features that support informational texts.
Alignment of this item to academic standards is based on recommendations from content creators, resource curators, and visitors to this website. It is the responsibility of each educator to verify that the materials are appropriate for your content area, aligned to current academic standards, and will be beneficial to your specific students.
Learning objectives: 

Students will:

  • Develop skill in selecting key terms by conducting Internet searches to find necessary information.
  • Develop skill in skimming and scanning by using websites to find information for a bingo game.
  • Understand the purposes of using skimming and scanning by practicing these skills in order to win a game.

Lesson Variations

Blooms taxonomy level: 
Extension suggestions: 
  • Have students create new bingo boards using other websites and topics.

Helpful Hints


  • Computers with Internet access (one computer per two students)
  • Video projector or large-screen monitor
  • Chalkboard or whiteboard
  • Overhead transparencies and projector
  • Stamping marker to inddicate correct responses on student bingo boards.