Tone and Mood Lesson

Tone and mood are literary elements that are difficult for readers to grasp and retain. Tone is the author/narrator's attitude towards the text, and mood is the reader's attitude toward the text. This web site includes a Mary Poppins youtube video to help illustrate this point. In this lesson, students are directed toward a site that lists commonly used tone and mood words. After a lesson using these words, students view two different film trailers for the Mary Poppins movie on The original "scary" trailer is from 1964. Students must compare the mood and tone of the two trailers.

Standards & Objectives

Academic standards
CLE 3003.8.5
Know and use appropriate literary terms to derive meaning and comprehension from various literary genres.
GLE 0601.4.4
Write a research paper, using primary and secondary sources and technology and graphics, as appropriate.
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Lesson Variations

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