Developing a Living Definition of Reading in the Elementary Classroom

Students investigate the reading process and end up with a working definition of reading using different types of books. Each student brainstorms what it means to be a successful reader. Based upon shared findings and discussions, students then create a living definition of reading. This definition can be posted and revised as more is learned about reading during the year.

In the lesson, the teacher and students explore the reading process together and create a working definition for reading. This would be useful in helping focus students' reading and engagement. Students can explore a variety of texts and internet sources to determine what the definition of reading is.

Standards & Objectives

Academic standards
GLE 0301.8.4
Explore basic literary terms (e.g., setting, point of view, simile, metaphor, rhythm).
GLE 0401.1.3
Demonstrate knowledge of Standard English sentence structure.
GLE 0401.8.2
Experience various literary genres, including fiction/nonfiction, poetry, drama, short stories, folk tales, and myths.
GLE 0501.8.1
Use previously learned comprehension strategies before, during, and after reading.
GLE 0501.8.3
Understand the basic characteristics of the genres (e.g., narratives, prose, poetry, drama) studied.
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