Persuasive Letter Mini Lesson

Small group mini lesson with guided and independent practice. Lesson could be adapted for use with whole group. This lesson uses a mentor text, I Wanna Iguana, by Karen Kaufman Orloff, to show students how the author uses persuasive words in writing. This text uses letter writing as the method chosen by the character to persuade his mom to allow him to adopt an iguana. Pairing a mentor text with the lesson allows students to connect to the idea of persuasion and allow students to model their writing after that of an author.

Standards & Objectives

Academic standards
GLE 0401.1.1
Demonstrate knowledge of Standard English usage, mechanics, and spelling.
GLE 0501.3.1
Write for a variety of purposes and to different audiences.
GLE 0501.8.1
Use previously learned comprehension strategies before, during, and after reading.
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Lesson Variations

Blooms taxonomy level: 

Helpful Hints


  • I Wanna Iguana by Karen Kaufman Orloff 
  • Chart paper
  • Treats for each group