Sophomore English Public Speaking Unit. Author: Teacher from Tempe Union HS District.

This speech unit guides students through public speaking and debate.This extensive resource includes preassessment, informational text, and research as well as opportunities for speech writing and debate, reflecting on oral presentations, and citing information. This resource can be used holistically or used in parts needed for classroom instruction.

Standards & Objectives

Academic standards
CLE 3002.2.5
Understand strategies for expressing ideas clearly and effectively in a variety of oral contexts.
CLE 3002.2.6
Deliver effective oral presentations.
GLE 0101.3.1
Compose simple stories with a clear beginning, middle, and end.
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Learning objectives: 

Students will identify four different types of informative speeches.

Students will be introduced to the requirements for their informative speeches.

Students will be able to conduct research by evaluating sources based on the 5 W’s.

Students will identify advantages and disadvantages of internet research.

Students will retain the different modes of research.

Students will decipher between the different domains.

Students will get practice at the beginning stages of their research, being given organizational tips.

Students will gain tools for organizing the body of their speech.

Students will experiment with different techniques of outlining.

Students will provide logical transitions within their speech as they shift from one point to the next.

Students will orally cite their sources within their speeches.

Students will formulate effective introductions for their speeches.

Students will create effective conclusions for their speeches.

Students will demonstrate effective vocal techniques through their speeches.

Students will use effective nonverbal communication in their speeches.

 Students will identify the advantages of the use of visual aids in a speech.

Students will prepare appropriate visual aids.

Students will recognize specific types of fears that are brought about by public speaking.

Students will gain tools for dealing and controlling with speech anxiety.




Unit Variations

Blooms taxonomy level: