Voice: A Poetry Unit. Author: Gigi Goshko

This unit includes four lessons that help students become more familiar with different types of poetry, figurative language within poetry, and poetry analysis. This unit explores reasons for poetry, allows students an opportunity to write poetry, and identify themes in various poems. This unit can be used as a whole unit or used for individual lessons. Multiple opportunities exist for students to analyze poetry and write their own. Journaling and reflection are also encouraged.

Standards & Objectives

Academic standards
CLE 3002.3.1
Write in a variety of modes for different audiences and purposes.
CLE 3002.3.2
Employ various prewriting strategies.
CLE 3002.8.2
Understand the characteristics of various literary genres (e.g., poetry, novel, biography, short story, essay, drama).
GLE 0706.3.3
Understand the concept of function as a rule that assigns to a given input one and only one number (the output).
GLE 0706.4.3
Understand and use scale factor to describe the relationships between length, area, and volume.
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Learning objectives: 

After this unit, students will have:

  • explored poetry as a medium of written and spoken expression. Students will appreciate poetry as a medium for authors to express commentary on the pressing social issues of the times;
  • learned the following literary techniques used by poets in their writing:
    • metaphor
    • simile
    • symbolism
    • point-of-view
    • interpreted meaning;
  • identified and examined the significance of specific themes that manifest themselves in the writings of poets from around the world;
  • drawn parallels between the themes addressed in selected poems and the themes addressed in the literature read in class through out the year.

Unit Variations

Blooms taxonomy level: