Academic Standard

The student will format simple documents (letters, reports, articles).
Tennessee State Standards
Computer Technology
Grade range: 
No grade range
Elements within this Standard
Learning Expectation
Key documents applying formatting functions for setting margins, tabs, and paragraph spacing.
Demonstrate proper keying and formatting technique for simple letters, reports, and articles.
The student will apply typography guidelines.
Explore the gathering of information using a variety of electronic resources, including but not limited to the Internet.
Performance Indicator
Uses the touch system and word processing software to key, edit, save, and print documents.
Keys a personal business letter meeting acceptable mailability standards.
Keys a report and an article meeting acceptable mailability standards.
Use a variety of technology resources to address a variety of tasks and problems.
Saves documents and prints hard copy.
Sample Performance Task
Key and format.
Key and format a cover sheet for a book report/assignment.
Key and format lists.
Key and format a simple announcement, personal letters, article, and report memorandums applying formatting and typography guidelines.
Perform drills applying formatting functions to set margins, tabs, and paragraph spacing on a document.
Use technology resources to research then create a report on a given topic.