Academic Standard

The student will operate the alphabetic, numeric, and symbol keyboard using the touch system.
Tennessee State Standards
Computer Technology
Grade range: 
4 to 8
Elements within this Standard
Learning Expectation
Demonstrate correct body and hand position for keyboarding.
Apply the touch system to develop keyboarding skills using the alphabetic, numeric, and symbol keys.
Observe a demonstration on voice input.
Performance Indicator
Exhibits proper posture and fingering techniques for the alphanumeric keyboard.
Applies the touch-keying system to develop basic skills on the alphanumeric keyboard at a rate of 15 gross words a minute (GWAM) for a one-minute timed writing.
Practices proper response patterns to gain speed and accuracy.
Uses the correct touch system to reach the numeric and symbol keys.
Sample Performance Task
Using the touch system, key the alphabet and symbols keys.
Use a technique check sheet to evaluate proper techniques at the keyboard.
Use the touch system to perform daily drills on sentences and paragraphs from straight copy.
Perform drills on sentences and paragraphs utilizing the mouse, keyboard, voice, and print completed assignments.
Using the touch system, key the numbers on numeric keypad.
Using any word processing or keyboard program, the students will take a timed keyboarding test to determine their gross words per minute.