Academic Standard: Subject

The Impact of History, Geography, Economics, and Politics on Contemporary Events
Tennessee State Standards
Social Studies (2014-2019)
Grade range: 
No grade range

The student will analyze the relationship between history, geography, and politics and contemporary events and issues.

Elements within this Subject
Distinguish between historical facts and historical interpretations.
Trace and explain the historical development of a problem.
Recognize the impact of traumatic effects of destructive events on human society.
Describe the relationships between historical events and contemporary issues.
Identify and explain the connection between geography and issues of culture, economics, and politics.
Cite specific textual evidence to analyze the impact of cultural differences in seeking solutions to current event situations.
Define sources of government revenues and types of expenditures.
Identify popular perception of government revenues and expenditures.
Compare and contrast the interests of investors versus corporate management.
Assess the global impact of technology.
Integrate information from diverse sources to write an expository piece that analyzes the rights and responsibilities of a citizen in the United States today.
Analyze the roles of the individual and the government in promoting the general welfare of the community under the Constitution.
Describe the protections offered by the First Amendment and define civil disobedience.
Cite specific textual evidence to compare and contrast American civil liberties with those of citizens in other nations.
Examine an election and analyze it's results.
Evaluate the various factors that affect a nation's economy.
Explain and analyze the major implications of local, national, and international events.
Describe the current relationship the United States has with certain nations, notably Iran, North Korea, Cuba, and Mexico.