Academic Standard: Subject

Government and Civics
Tennessee State Standards
Social Studies (2014-2019)
Grade range: 
Elements within this Subject
Give examples that show the meaning of the following concepts: authority, fairness, justice, responsibility, and rules.
Identify the following state and national symbols:
Re-tell stories that illustrate honesty, courage, friendship, respect, responsibility and the wise or judicious exercise of authority, and explain how the characters in
Recognize and name the current President of the United States.
Use drawings, dictating, and writing to participate in shared research describingthe role of the President.
Identify roles of authority figures at home, at school, and in government to include parents, school principal, volunteers, police officers, fire and rescue workers,
Explain the purpose of rules and laws.
Demonstrate good citizenship and identify characteristics of citizens of the United States as described in the Constitution.