Academic Standard

Data, Probability and Statistics
Tennessee Diploma Project
Grade range: 
No grade range
Conceptual StrandThe Data Analysis and Probability Standard recommends that students formulate questions that can be answered using data and addresses what is involved in gathering and using the data wisely. The basic concepts and applications of probability are also addressed, with an emphasis on the way that probability and statistics are related.Guiding QuestionHow do students experiences with the collection and analysis of data enable them to reason statistically and understand the various purposes of surveys, observational studies, and experiments?
Elements within this Standard
Grade Level Expectation
Collect, record, arrange, present, and interpret data using tables and various representations.
Use probability to describe chance events.
Check For Understanding
Create and label appropriate scales for graphs.
Evaluate how well various representations show the collected data.
Interpret and prepare pie charts using appropriate measurements of angles.
Develop and use stem-and-leaf plots.
Use measures of central tendency to compare two sets of related data.
Determine a simple probability.
Express a probability pictorially.
State Performance Indicator
Depict data using various representations (e.g., tables, pictographs, line graphs, bar graphs).
Solve problems using estimation and comparison within a single set of data.
Given a set of data or a graph, describe the distribution of the data using median, range, or mode.
List all possible outcomes of a given situation or event.