Academic Standard

Nuclear Science
Tennessee State Standards
Science (2009-2018)
Grade range: 
No grade range
Subject = Physical World Concepts
Conceptual StrandA deep understanding of particle physics is accomplished by investigating the principles of nuclear science.Guiding QuestionWhat particle physics concepts explain nuclear science?
Elements within this Standard
Course Level Expectation
Investigate the properties and structure of the atom.
Explore the dynamics of the nucleus: radioactivity, nuclear decay, radiocarbon/uranium dating, and half-life.
Compare and contrast nuclear fission and nuclear fusion.
Investigate quantum theory.
Check For Understanding
Identify the parts of an atom.
Describe the properties and location of subatomic particles.
Explain how particles behave like waves.
Describe three forms of radioactivity in terms of changes in atomic number or mass number.
Investigate the concept of half-life.
Write balanced equations for the three forms of radioactive decay.
Explain carbon-14 or uranium dating methods.
Distinguish between nuclear fission and nuclear fusion in terms of transmutation.
Investigate the history of nuclear science.