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Tennessee State Standards
Science (2009-2018)
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Subject = Physical World Concepts
Conceptual StrandThe principles and laws of thermodynamics are essential for understanding the concept of energy.Guiding QuestionHow do the laws of thermodynamics relate to understanding the conservation of energy?
Elements within this Standard
Course Level Expectation
Explore the relationships among temperature, heat, and internal energy.
Compare Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin temperature scales.
Investigate exchanges in internal energy.
Check For Understanding
Investigate the relationship between temperature and kinetic energy.
Distinguish among internal energy, temperature, and heat.
Investigate heat changes using calorimetry.
Investigate energy changes associated with heats of fusion and vaporization.
Explore thermal expansion and contraction.
Apply the Second Law of Thermodynamics to the Carnot engine.
Apply the Laws of Thermodynamics to atmospheric and climatic changes.
Recognize that absolute zero is the absence of molecular kinetic energy.
Relate the First Law of Thermodynamics as an application of the Law of Conservation of Energy to heat transfer through conduction, convection, and radiation.